RPR My Colour Dust-free Blue Bleach 500g

RPR My Colour Dust-free Blue Bleach 500g
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Previously known as Nouvelle Decoflash

Blue dust free bleaching powder for all lightening professional techniques.

The balanced mixture of ingredients allows to obtain a dust-free, easy to use powder.

The mixture of the powder with Lively oxidising emulsion (1:2) creates a soft and homogenous cream that does not swell and leaks. Ideal for bleaching, colour removal and highlights. It lifts the natural colour of the hair up to 7 levels. Available packing: 500 g.

This product must be mixed with developer/peroxide.

Mixing ratio1:2 (eg. 500g of bleach powder to 1000ml developer/peroxide)

Directions for use:(for full bag )Pour the contents into a non metallic bowl. Slowly add cream oxidant depending on desired consistency. Mix with spatula or brush to achieve a cream paste.
Full head lightening-do not use heat. do not use metal clips. Rinse hair well after development time.

DISCLAIM: Hairworks will not accept any responsibility for any damage occurring from purchase or use of this product.