Malibu C Direct Dye Lifter 20g

Malibu C Direct Dye Lifter 20g
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Easily lift unwanted direct dyes with Malibu C DDL Direct Dye Lifter. This potent formula achieves direct dye removal with or without developer and may be mixed with water for gentler lifting. The creamy, non-drip formula is vegan and does not include gluten, fragrance, parabens or ammonia.
To Use:
Pour Malibu C DDL crystals into a non-metallic mixing bowl. Add 89mL of 10-20 volume developer and mix thoroughly. Section hair and apply with a brush to each section. For gentler lifting, mix with tepid water instead of developer. Leave on hair for a maximum of 45 minutes. The longer the processing time, the greater the lift. Check hair every 5 minutes until desired results are achieved. Shampoo thoroughly and rinse.

1 x 20g sachet
Success with or without developer
May be mixed with water for gentler lifting
Use to lift all types of direct dyes and stains
Creamy, non-drip formula
Mix with up to 20 volume developer

Hairworks Extra will not accept responsibilty for any results and/or damage ocurring from purchase and use of this product.