Lust Electric Violet 75ml

Lust Electric Violet 75ml
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You no longer need to be envious of other peoples colour.
Lust for your own individuality to deliver endless
opportunities for creative colouring.

Lust Ammonia and Peroxide FREE semi permanent colour enriched with Argan Oil to repair and strengthen your hair while delivering brilliant colour tones that others will Envy.

23 creative shades designed to be used on their own or intermixed to create an endless colour pallet of coppers, reds, violets, blues, greens, yellow and beautiful rich browns.

Lust offers strong vibrant fashion shades that can be softened into pastel tones by mixing with Soft Pastel shade. Pastel mixing can be a varying amount of ratios depending on the end result.

Directions for use:
Apply lust colour to clean dry hair evenly wearing gloves (keep away from the scalp to avoid staining). Comb through and process for a minimum of 30 minutes depending on desired result. Covering with a plastic cap during processing time is optional. Once desired colour is achieved, then rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Condition hair if needed, style as normal. Lust colour intensity can last from 3-30 days, duration will vary depending on hair type, texture, porosity and condition of the hair. For vibrant or pastel tones pre-lighten/bleach the hair prior to lust application.