ColourU Clear intensifier 100g

ColourU Clear intensifier 100g
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This is NOT a colour and is designed to give a gloss to hair colours 

ColourU professional colour tube 100g
(Note: These colours need to be mixed with a peroxide)

ColourU is a superior hair colour cream made in Italy with Cashmere Keratin and Black Pearl Minerals for radiant and glossy colour results.

Low ammonia 1.3%

Peroxide guide:
5vol (1.5%) No lift
10vol (3%) Up to 1 level of lift
20vol (6%) Up to 2 levels of lift
30vol (9%) Up to 3 levels of lift
40vol (12%) Up to 4-5 levels of lift

Mixing ratio 1:1.5.
eg 50g ColourU colour to 75g ColourU peroxide

ColourU Clear will lift up to 2 levels of artificial colour and remain on the same reflect when mixed with 40vol (12%) developer. Always check the hairs chemical history before proceeding.

Do not add clear to super lifters as this will dilute the toning levels of these colours.

Please refer to our online techinal manual for more information, the colour shown is just a guide and may look different on your computer monitor.

DISCLAIM: Hairworks Will not accept responsibility for any damage occuring from purchase and use of this product

Always wear protective gloves when using or mixing. Replace cap when not in use. Do not use a metal bowl or stirrer