Nak Balance 500ml Duo

Nak Balance 500ml Duo

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Nak care balance 500ml shampoo and conditioner is for oily hair.

designed for oily hair and scalp conditions.

A blend of natural herbs, botanicals and wheat proteins repair and strengthen while restoring moisture levels to fine colour treated hair.

shampoo: a deep cleansing shampoo formulated with natural herbs and botanicals including chamomile and lemongrass that offer natural astringent properties to eliminate and control sebum production assisting to balance oily scalp conditions.
Wheat proteins repair and strengthen fine hair adding body and fullness for a thicker feel.

conditioner: A light weight conditioner that instantly detangles improving pliability while adding volume and fullness to fine hair. Wheat proteins assist to strengthen and protect, while chamomile and lemon grass balance oily scalp conditions.

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