Waxx mineral powder touch up BLONDE

Waxx mineral powder touch up BLONDE

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Hair colour powder. Instant touch up to cover grey roots and camouflages re growth.

Can be used for temporary touch ups in between coloring.
This professional powder compound was formulated with reflective pigments that adhere to hair without being sticky or oily and without looking dry.
Dramatically extends time between colouring.

Blonde: for platinum to light brown shades.

Directions: Apply to dry hair, fast and easy and no mess.
Contains no waxes or dyes. 60 application kit.

*Water resistant
*temporarily covers regrowth
*only 30 seconds to apply
*water proof and moisture resistant
*easily removed with shampoo
*sweat resistant when exercising
*non fading
*doesn't stain the scalp
*completely safe to use
*fade resistant if you swim or use a steam room
*7 colours
*mineral powder technology
*exclusive salon professional system
*the best innovative hair make up in the last 30 years.

*contour face

Size: 3.1g

Colour: blonde

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